AI-generated version of Auguste Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker" in female form and as a collage with a computer chip
Semester question

Do we know what AI will know?

Since ChatGPT took the world by storm, the conversation around artificial intelligence has entered the mainstream. Are we at the beginning of a golden age of knowledge? Or will it all turn out differently?

Semester question 2024: Do we know what AI will know?

Artificial intelligence is changing our perception of knowledge and learning, of knowledge production and knowledge transfer. Is AI shaking the very foundations of our knowledge, fuelling fake news, conspiracy theories and the crisis of democracy? Or are we at the cusp of a golden age of knowledge, with AI opening up new opportunities to solve the the most pressing issues of our time?

Over the course of one semester, experts from the University of Vienna will discuss how our society can benefit from the new technology and why academic research and education play a central role in this process.

About the Semester question

Each semester, the University of Vienna poses its academics a question that is of particular relevance to today’s society. You can find all current contributions by the University of Vienna’s academics in the Rudolphina magazine (in German) or on our social media channels under #semesterfrage.The University of Vienna runs this project in cooperation with the Austrian daily newspaper "Der Standard" – starting with online contributions and ending with a closing event at the end of the semester.