No half-truths.

Rudolphina is the research magazine of the University of Vienna. Here, you can find first-hand knowledge – directly from a research team, the laboratory or a think tank. The Rudolphina editorial team looks over the shoulders of researchers from the University of Vienna and, working with them, tells engaging stories about their long path towards new findings, their successes and setbacks as well as their passion for a subject.

The name "Rudolphina" has been part of the University of Vienna (Latin: Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis) since its foundation. For us, the name symbolizes the courage to enter uncharted territories, perseverance and trust in academic findings. The University of Vienna is one of the largest knowledge sources in Europe: Here, about 7,500 academics conduct research at 20 faculties and centres. We are genuinely curious. Since 1365.


Our team

Barbara Mair
Head of the Editorial Office
Siegrun Herzog
Co-head of the editorial office.
Petra Schiefer
Head of the video editorial team
Theresa Dirtl
Editorial team. Podcast.
Hanna Möller
Video editorial team. Editorial team. Blog.
Portraitfoto von Redakteur Sebastian Deiber
Editorial Team.
Luca Scheiring
Social media. Video editorial team.
Benjamin Furtlehner
Video editorial team. Animations.
Markus Steiner
Editorial team. Web editorial team.


You have questions or suggestions? How to reach us:


    Address: Corporate Communications. University of Vienna. Universitätsring 1, 1010 Vienna.

We look forward to your contributions!